Probes to the Outer Solar System

Download or view past SAS Presentations on the engineering and scientific breakthroughs of all the major spacecrafts sent out to explore the outer solar system. Mouseclick on any image or spacecraft title.


Early tours of the outer planets: our first close up views of the outer solar system!


Jupiter! The first spacecraft to orbit an outer planet and the 1st to deploy an entry probe into Jupiter!


Saturn! The first spacecraft to enter orbit around Saturn and the first to land a probe on an outer planet moon!


Jupiter! The farthest space probe ever to be powered by solar arrays, now orbiting and studying Jupiter!

New Horizons

Pluto! The first probe to fly by Pluto and its moons, and the first to visit a Kuiper belt object!

Upcoming Deep Space Missions

A survey of future probes to the outer planets!