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March 2024

Click here for the SAS Pictures of the Month (March 2024)!

Galaxy season is gearing up! Check out some of these beautiful galaxies:

M51: Whirlpool Galaxy in Ursa Major

M101: Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Major (visible with binoculars)

M81/M82 Galaxy Pair in Ursa Major

Leo Triplet: NGC 3623, NGC 3627, and NGC 3628

M97 and M108: beautiful Owl planetary nebula and spiral galaxy in the same 40X view!

M95, M96: a beautiful pair of galaxies in Leo

Here’s a link to my very first astrophotos of galaxies in the March sky!

Perfect timing to observe some deep sky galaxy objects!

The full moon that occurs in March is sometimes referred to as the “Worm Moon”. This name comes from the Native American tradition of naming full moons based on the natural cycles and rhythms of the environment. At around 3:13am Monday morning (March 25), a penumbral eclipse punctuates the start of spring, covering about 98% of the Moon.

This comet starts off in March at about magnitude 7 just above the Square of Pegasus and then moves towards Andromeda… by March 30, it should reach magnitude 5 (visible with the naked eye). However, because you have to look for it just ahead of the rising sun, you’ll probably need binoculars! Here’s more info on the comet, and a link to its changing location here.

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