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July 2024

This month’s meeting (Thurs. June 27): Apollo 11 Now and Finding Snoopy

Click here for the SAS Picture of the Month (July 2024)!


Some beautiful globular clusters in the summer sky!


M13 in Hercules : the best of the best!

M92 in Hercules: M13’s little brother

M5 in Serpens: notable for its elliptical shape

M56 in Lyra: tiny at mag. 8.3, thought to be a possible remnant from a past merger between our galaxy and a dwarf galaxy whose nucleus remained as the globular Omega Centauri! 

M9, M10, M12, M14, M19, M62, M107 all in Ophiuchus – some pretty small, but some like M12 – simply spectacular!

M22 in Sagittarius: I think this one is almost as beautiful (if not more, in its own way) as M13!

Perfect time to observe some deep sky galaxy objects… if you’re satisfied with less than 5 hours of dark sky!

July 7 @ 10:14PM EST : southern pass across the whole sky moving from SSW to NE, through Altair and brighter than Venus!

July 10 @ 9:21PM EST: near overhead pass across the whole sky, moving from SW to NE, from Spica to Vega, and even brighter than July 7! 

July 12 @9:17PM EST: northern pass across the whole sky, moving from WSW to NE, passing through the Big Dipper and just south of the north star!

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